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We will inform you in writing with a client care letter consisting following information once you decide to render our services.

  • Your reference - You will be given a official case file reference number.
  • Your advisor - You will be assigned your advisor with his contact details.
  • Our fee scale - You will be given our fee details. Our fee will be charged according to our fix fee scale as submitted to the OISC. You will be invoiced accordingly after the case is finalised. You are required pay minimum of 50% of your fee in advance, which will be deposited in our client’s account and set off against our invoices. We will demand the balance towards the completion of the process.
  • Proof of Identity - We may require holding or possessing your original documents or passport; you will be given receipt for the same. If you need those documents during the process, please contact our office and sign your name as receipt.
  • Complaint Procedure - We will issue you with the complaint procedure, please feel free to discuss if you have any issue to be dealt with. This also mentions the contact details of OISC, should you have to contact them for making complaint against us.
  • Letter of authorisation – We will have your authorisation letter to authorise us to act on your behalf with various authorities to represent your case from time to time. Please fill the form provided for this purpose.
  • Withdrawn of case - In case of you change your mind and decide to withdraw your case from our advisor/company, which you have to request in writing with your signature. A fee invoice will rise for the task done up to that point.
  • On going development - During the process of your case, we will notify you with the copy of original letter for any development-taking place. This includes requirement of additional information, documents, outcome of the results or other concerned instruction received for you.